Breathe+ Pro Air Purifier: Medical Grade Air Purification System With Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

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Be confident in air you breathe at home. Breathe+ Pro offers Medical Grade Professional Air Purification for Your Home and Workspace.


  • Three-Stage Professional Grade Filter
    Includes a prefilter, a medical-grade H13 True HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter that captures up to 99.97% of micro-sized particles and harmful chemical vapors.

  • Real Time Air Quality Monitoring 
    In addition to temperature and humidity readings, the Breathe+ Pro Air Purifier provides accurate readings of air quality of the room in which it is situated. Its panel displays the particle count and VOC concentration in the air and changes the side panel color to reflect the level of air quality in the room.

  • Powerful and Effective
    Breathe+ Pro Air Purifier is designed for spaces of up to 1,240 square feet in order to fully circulate the air 4 times per hour. It is perfect for classrooms, offices and large living rooms, and the unit operates at 28 dB while in SLEEP mode to provide air purification at comfortable noise levels.

  • Safety Above All
    The Breathe+ Pro Air Purifier is designed with the user’s safety in mind, which is why it has an automatic shut off when the filter door is opened, when the device is toppled over or when there is a power surge.

  • Child Lock
    Prevent any unintended changes to the Breathe+ Pro’s settings while CHILD LOCK is turned on.

  • Automatic Purification Function
    Depending on the air quality of the room in which the Breathe+ Pro is situated, the unit automatically adjusts its fan speed to remove air contaminants when in AUTO mode.

  • Easy Maintenance
    The filter button lights up when it’s time to replace the filter.

  • Timer Function
    Be in control of the air purification system by setting its timer function for 1-12 hours.

  • Remote Control
    Operate the Breathe+ Pro from anywhere in the room with the convenient remote controller included with purchase.


Check Filter Indicator
Air Quality Indicator
Sleep Mode
3-Stage H13 True HEPA Filtration
Remote Control
Auto Mode

 What’s in the Box

1 x Breathe+ Pro Air Purification Unit
1 x Standard Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter for Breathe+ Pro
1 x Remote Control

Product Specifications

Voltage/Frequency AC 110 V, 50/60 Hz
Rated Power 90 W
Noise 69 dB(A)
Amount of Particulate-Cleaned Air (CADR) 350 cfm
Amount of Formaldehyde-Cleaned Air (CADR) 350 cfm
Net Weight 24 lbs
Product Measurements 19" x 10.6" x 28"
 Method of Cleaning

Coarse Pre-Filter
Fine Pre-Filter
High Efficiency H13 HEPA Filter
Activated Carbon or Antimicrobial Graphene Filter (sold separately)


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Breathe+ Pro User Manual

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