Oxygen Functionalized Graphene Nanoplatelets - 5 Grams

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This listing is for 5 grams of Oxygen HDPlasTM Graphene Nanoplatelets

Product Data: Results Shown are Typical.

About HDPlasTM Graphene Nanoplatelets

Plasma processed graphitic nanomaterials

Plasma treatment exfoliates graphene sheets

Haydale's plasma process is suitable for a broad range of commercially available nanomaterials

An accredited and cost efficient solution that maintains integrity of platelets

Both research and industrial quantities available

SEM Image of Oxygen processed Graphene Nanoplatelets


High Mechanical Strength

High Electrical Conductivity

High Thermal Conductivity

High Surface Area



Mechanical Enhancements

Thermal Enhancements

Electrical Enhancements


Chemical Family:

Carbon Allotrope

Plasma functionalized graphene and graphitic nanoplatelets

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