Multilayer Graphene on 285 nm Silicon Dioxide Wafer

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Multilayer CVD-grown graphene transferred onto 1cm x 1cm silicon wafers (p-doped) with a 285 nanometer silicon dioxide coating.


Properties of Graphene Film:

 The thickness and quality of our graphene films is controlled by Raman Spectroscopy

The graphene coverage of this product is about 95%

The graphene film is continuous, with occasional holes and cracks

The graphene film is polycrystalline, i.e. it consists of grains with different crystallographic orientation

Sheet Resistance: 660-1,500 Ω/square


Optical Image of Multilayer Graphene on SiO2

The graphene grown on nickel film is multilayer and is not uniform. It looks like a patchwork whereas the “patches” have different thicknesses. The thickness of the film varies from 1 to 7 layers, with an average of 4. The graphene layers within the same patch are aligned relative to each other (there is a graphitic AB-staking order). The size of the patches is about 3-10 microns.


Properties of Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Wafers:

Oxide Thickness: 285 nm

Color: Violet

Wafer thickness: 525 micron

Resistivity: 0.001-0.005 Ω⋅cm

Type/Dopant: P/Boron

Orientation: <100>

Front Surface: Polished

Back Surface: Etched



Graphene electronics and transistors

Conductive coatings

Aerospace industry applications

Support for metallic catalysts



Chemical and biosensors

Multifunctional materials based on graphene

Graphene Research


Our graphene films are manufactured using a PMMA assisted transfer method. Please refer to the references below for more details.



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