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Graphene Supermarket is ready to serve as your materials supplier and R&D partner in developing sophisticated commercial applications . No matter what stage of progress, our team has the expertise, experience, advanced analytical and material processing capabilities, and scalable production systems in place to support your innovation in today’s fast-paced and competitive graphene materials application industry.  We offer more than 100 graphene-based and graphene-related products to jump-start your R&D project in quantities, from lab-scale to bulk quantities, tailored to your needs. Our team can support the development of graphene products, accelerating your product development towards commercialization.

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Leading R&D departments of large commercial organizations and research laboratories, who have prequalified the high standard of product from G6 Materials

- Existing revenues from graphene-based products

- Bringing innovative graphene-based products to high-value markets

- Focused on developing graphene-advanced air purification solutions

- Integrating the acquisition of GX Technologies

- Valuable IP portfolio: 5 patents granted; 4 patent applications filed

- Premium research lab and scalable production facility

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