A subdivision of G6 Materials Corp, Graphene Supermarket is an e-commerce platform that is recognized as the premier supplier of graphene and other 2D-based R&D materials, producing over 90 R&D products, including graphene oxide, graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs), CVD graphene, and conductive epoxies. Graphene Supermarket has been supporting graphene development since 2010, with numerous customers from among the Fortune 500 list of companies, as well as government organizations and leading universities.

About G6 Materials

G6 Materials (TSXV: GGG & OTCQB: GPHBF) is a publicly traded technology company and world leader in creating value by developing graphene-based solutions. 

The Company is strategically focused on bringing progressive new product lines to high-growth markets, having recently launched the Breathe Plus brand into the global air filtration and purification market. With a strong IP portfolio, G6 Materials commercial applications have a total addressable market of $98.2 billion through four revenue verticals in multi-billion dollar market subsectors, with many other industrial opportunities in the pipeline.

Guiding G6 Materials is our vision to continue to be a world-leading developer of innovative graphene-based solutions, with concentrations in R&D materials, conductive adhesives, air purification, and advanced materials. For more information, visit www.g6-materials.com.