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Our High-Quality Pure Graphene Oxide Paste is significantly more concentrated than Graphene Oxide solutions. The remarkably high concentration makes it ideal for creating various structures, coatings, and inks.

One can also easily make GO solutions of desired concentration or GO paper. There is no lengthy sonication or damage to the flakes when compared to sonicating solid dry powder.

Graphene Oxide paste can be deposited on any substrate using a brush or roll.



Concentration: 30 g/L - 35g/L

Single Layer > 80%

Flake Size: 0.5-5 Microns

Color: Brown

Water based paste

Sizes: 30 ml and 60 ml

We also offer larger quanitities of paste as custom orders. Please contact us at for more details.


Transparent Conductive Films

Composites and Paper-Like Materials

Energy-Related Materials

Applications in Biology and Medicine

Anti-Bacterial Materials

Graphene Oxide Sheets at Interfaces

Inks and coatings

Semiliquid Mixtures

3D Structures



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