Ultra Highly Concentrated Single-Layer Graphene Oxide

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Concentration: 6.2 g/L

Single Layer: >80%

Flake Size: 0.5-5 Microns

Color: Brown

Highly Viscous

Aqueous Solution

Centrifugation has been used to prepare extra-large flakes and get an ultra-high concentration of Graphene Oxide. The ultra-highly concentrated graphene oxide forms paper-like substances and will coat virtually any surface, including the bottle itself.


Production of Graphene Oxide:

Graphene Oxide is the oxidized form of graphene produced by oxidizing crystal graphite with a mixture of sulfuric acid, sodium nitrate, and potassium permanganate (the Hummers method). Structurally, Graphene Oxide can be visualized as a graphene sheet with its basal plane decorated by oxygen-containing groups. Due to high affinity to water molecules by these groups, Graphene Oxide is hydrophilic and can be dissolved in water. The solubility in water makes the deposition of the thin films of the Graphene Oxide straightforward. Graphene Oxide is a poor conductor but its treatment by light, heat, or chemical reduction can restore most properties of pristine graphene.



Transparent Conductive Films

Composites and Paper-Like Materials

Energy-Related Materials

Applications in Biology and Medicine

Antibacterial Materials

Graphene Oxide Sheets at Interfaces



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Academic References

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