Single Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on 285 nm SiO2/Si, (p-doped), 1cmx1cm

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Single Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on 285 nm SiO2/Si: 4 Pack
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Properties of BN film

97% coverage with minor holes and organic residues

High Crystalline Quality

The Raman spectrum should peak at ~1369cm-1

The Raman Signal of BN on SiO2/Si is very weak. To characterize h-BN on SiO2/Si using Raman spectroscopy, you need to use a blue or high power laser and the signal may not be detectable on certain commercial systems. For more information regarding Raman spectroscopy and characterization of h-BN on SiO2/Si, refer to the following paper: Hunting for Monolayer Boron Nitride: Optical and Raman Signatures.

The h-BN film is grown via CVD onto copper foil, then transferred to the SiO2/Si substrate. To see characterizations of the film before transfer, see our related product, h-BN on Copper Foil.


BN on SiO2/Si wafers are ideal for creating graphene/BN interfaces, allowing the graphene to be precisely gated, increasing mobility, and reducing scattering. h-BN is appealing as a substrate for graphene-based electronics because its surface is atomically smooth, it is free of dangling bonds, and has an analogous structure to graphene. Using our h-BN on SiO2/Si wafers in conjunction with graphene, we encourage you to explore graphene heterostructures for transistor applications.

We can offer custom sizes of hBN film on a 4" wafer. Please contact us at for more details.

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